Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Electrified Part 2

     After several months of pedal assist riding, I have realized that there are several things to consider when purchasing one.  Just like a traditional bike, the proper choice of bike and accessories is very important to the enjoyment of your bike.

     There are quite a few manufactures of electric bikes at this time, and probably many more about to enter the market.  This many choices makes decision making difficult, but when you realize that the starting point for a quality electric bike should be at least $1500 (in my opinion), quite a few bikes can be eliminated from consideration.  It sounds like a lot, but a good quality bike will start at about $500. (again, my opinion).  A pedal assist bike also has a battery, motor, and charger, all adding to the cost.  The bike should have a stronger frame, wheelset, and better brakes than a regular bike. The extra weight and power of the bike makes these essential.

     Another consideration is service.  Any good mechanic can work on the bike.  But who can work on the battery or motor if issues arise?  Major brands will have parts and service availability; bikes bought from Amazon or big box retailers will not.   It is frustrating for both the customer and Orange Cycle when we are unable to work on a bike due to lack of support from the company.

     So you have a good quality bike.  Now comes the accessories to make it safer and more enjoyable.  First, a helmet should always be worn.  I believe that a helmet is essential for riding any bike., Second, a good lock is essential.  U locks are much more secure than cable locks, however they are heavier.. With a pedal assist bike I do not have a problem with the extra weight.  My bike has a rack and bag to load up on stuff when I am running errands.  My lock is always with me, and my bike is always there after I leave it outside a store or restaurant.  Third is a bike rack.  Not everyone realizes that the bike rack you use for your regular bike is probably not strong enough for the extra weight of an electric bike (or two).  A trunk mount rack or receiver style mast rack is not designed for that much weight,, and a lot of receiver hitch wheel tray racks are often rated at 40 lbs. per bike.  Check the weight capacity of your current rack before loading electric bikes.

     Orange Cycle carries several models of Specialized and Raleigh pedal assist bikes.  We have knowledgeable sales staff and incredible repair staff to help you.  Stop  in for a test ride.

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