Monday, May 5, 2014

Confessions: Christine's Body Geometry Fit

I have discussed the importance of having your bicycle fit to your body. I have touched on what it means to be a fitter but there's one important perspective that has not been expressed: What is it like to go through a Body Geometry Fit?

Our newest employee, Christine, recently had her bike fitted to her and I asked her to say a few words about the process:

I have a confession. Years after purchasing my first bike-store quality bike, I still hadn't made the important investment in a proper fitting.

Some History

I'm a Bike enthusiast who enjoys a bike ride because it's the closest I can be to acting like a 10-year-old. I'm also a middle of the pack, age group, triathlete. I own many bells and whistles - fancy, carbon fiber frames, carbon Zipp wheels, power meter, Di2 Electronic shifting, all top of the line stuff, yet 

here I was, the start of my 7th year without a proper bike fit.

Recently, I realized I wasn't as comfortable riding. My bike was dictating how long my ride would be, instead of the other way around. It was time to take action.

I was skeptical about the true benefit of the fit process. Could a couple of centimeter adjustments here and there really make me more comfortable?

How It Went Down

The process itself is so simple and enjoyable I felt as though my bike and I spent some time together at a spa. Initially, I spoke to the fitter, I'll call him John Hollingsworth (because that's his name) about my riding style and what I wanted to accomplish. I explained that I wanted to go further and stay comfortable. He then conducted some range of motion assessments and took some relative measurements.
I quickly noticed that attention to detail is key to the Body Geometry fit process. Everything was taken into account, down to the length of my leg bones.

Some of the major factors that were addressed were my knee angle going from an under-utilized 22 degrees to a perfect 30 degree extension. My reach was shortened to increase control and weight distribution. Both adjustments made a serious impact on my level of comfort.  Shoes are also a part of the equation. My cleats have been adjusted and John recommended an impressive Body Geometry insole which adds some much needed arch support to straighten knee rotation. All the information is compiled and used to adjust the bike to me.

A bike is a wonderful invention, offering something for, quite literally, everyone. As a young child, it's a right of passage to learn to ride all by yourself. Later, we use bikes to get to friends or school. Bikes to commute, get exercise, challenge ourselves against ourselves, or even against our friends. Young and old, fit and those who aim to be, commuters and enthusiasts all have a bike. If you've made the investment in a great bike, you also deserve the bike to fit you the way it was intended.

As if the fit process weren't enough, the very best part is the result!I feel so in tune with my bike, it's like a whole new experience. Better yet, a new bike which was made just for me. I'm pushing the mileage and remaining comfortable. You truly don't know how much fun you are missing by riding a bike and not having it fitted properly to your body.